SKX Titanium Caseback: Sandblasted Finish


We received a ton of requests for a matching Titanium caseback after the launch of our NMK910 SKX007 Titanium case bundle, so here it is! 

At only 8g, it's 60% lighter than our standard SKX Caseback (8g vs 15g). It's so light you might forget you even have your watch on your wrist!

Caseback Specifications:
Thickness: 1.5mm
Water Resistance: 200m

Compatible with NMK910 SKX007 Titanium Case Bundle, SKX007/009, SKX013, and all the SKX-style cases that we sell on our website.

Fits Seiko NH movements (like the ones that we sell) with a Grey Spacer only.

Customer Reviews

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K.N. (Singapore, SG)
Awesome quality

Happy with the purchase. The slim sapphire caseback looks like it was a high quality one. Hope to start modding soon.

Alf (Singapore, SG)
It’s really Slim!

Looks good and it’s really slim!

Alex Burford (Brisbane, AU)
Polished caseback

Classic style skx caseback. Quality finish from namokies :)

Alex Burford (Brisbane, AU)
Saphire caseback

Was actually surprised how thin this caseback was compared to the older namoki saphire slim caseback. Less round at the steel part of the caseback and more straight and tapered.

Brandon @caseanddial
I can see

So excited that these are being offered now. I’ve used these on four builds now and each one has tested and preformed higher than my expectations.
Definitely gives a great presentation as well. Highly advise anyone looking for a replacement to the OEM or just a scratch build to use these.👍🏻