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NMK01 Automatic Dive Watch: YM Black with Fitted Rubber Strap

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Namoki NMK01 40mm Automatic Dive Watch with AR Double Dome Sapphire Crystal and Fitted FKM Milled Clasp Rubber Strap 

We wanted to do something special this Black Friday and keeping in line with our tradition of launching modded watches, we made a collection of dive watches with our latest NMK909 Submariner SKX Case that we think you'd love!

The NMK01 features one of the most popular mod looks these days - the Yachtmaster. It's so popular we even did a feature on it on our blog!

We took this up a notch with the introduction of a fitted FKM rubber strap with a milled clasp that'll stay comfy on your wrist all day long. FKM is the highest quality rubber grade and is commonly used in Rolex and Omega watches.


  • NMK909 40mm Brushed/Polished Submariner SKX Case
  • NMK302 Clear AR Double-domed No Bevel Edge Sapphire Crystal
  • NH36A from SII - Hacking and Winding movement
  • Black YM Bezel Insert
  • Black FKM Rubber Strap with Milled Clasp
  • Water Resistant to 200m

Our NMK01 Automatic Dive Watch is built up of our components and can be further modified/customized - it's compatible with all aftermarket SKX007/SRPD Seiko 5 Parts!

Customer Reviews

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Ian S. (Auckland, NZ)
Exceeded Expectations

Own a range of watches - Rolex and Panerai to name a couple. Wanted a daily wearer with a vintage milsub feel - admit that the quality and visual appeal of the NMK05 surprised me upon arrival. Looked great and build quality fantastic for the price. Also liked the high case height as made its presence known when worn and garnered many positive comments. Wears well and very comfortable on the wrist. Love the classic looks but have just ordered a ceramic root beer bezel to lift its looks further. Also appreciate the awesome service and fast delivery provided.

Doesn't Leave My Wrist

This watch is amazing. From the moment I opened the box I was in love. It is my daily driver, never leaves my wrist. Looks good with everything I wear, dressed up, dressed down, whatever. Sold FIVE (5) watches after receiving this one...they just collect dust. Planning on buying another to use as a base for another mod. Can't say enough good things, thank you Namokimod!

Greg Lewis (Toronto, CA)
NMK05 amazing!

I am very impressed. A very high quality milsub homage. It also closely resembles a Bamford heritage submariner, and that is not a bad thing! Very solid build, no misalignment and the bezel is super smooth. Fantastic watch!

Delhamer, Brandt (Palm City, US)
Blackbay doppelgänger

A high-quality piece. You will not be disappointed.

Richard Tatnall (Perth, AU)
Opened the box and went “Wow!”

This watch is very nice indeed. The quality of all the namoki parts is very very high. No tint on the AR sapphire. No marks on the dial, hands or crystal under a loupe, At last I’ve found a comfortable rubber strap. Very very clean build. I may polish the case a little more on the sides at a later stage. You will not be disappointed - a really nice watch.