NH Grey Movement Spacer Ring


This NH Grey Movement Spacer Ring will come in real handy for casebacks that are designed for the NH Grey Spacer (swapping the Black Spacer from a 7S26), or fitting other Seiko movements into our NH compatible cases (fitting the NH70 Skeletonized Movement to this NH grey spacer to fit our cases).

Compatible with the following movements: 7S26, 7S36, 4R35, 4R36, 6R15, NH35, NH36, NH37, NH38, NH39, NH70, NH71, NH72 etc

Customer Reviews

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Dan Pierce (Covington, US)
Seiko (SII) NH35A Automatic Movement

The movement installation went without a hitch. The daily accuracy is very good w/ no need for regulation. Very happy and plan on ordering more.

S. Nullifer Timetick (Santa Clara, US)
NH36A - Rugged and Reliable

The NH36A Seiko watch movement really speaks for itself, while the regulated movement tightens the accuracy by a significant number. These movements, like most high-precision devices manufactured in Japan, all have the genetics of Deming and Juran's quality initiatives as part of thier lifetime characteristics. I doubt anyone would argue that the movements, when regulated, may be the best possible value.
Namoki's delivery history is 5 stars from my experience. Ordering parts off the website is almost too easy. The site almost navigates itself.
The best experience I have had was when I needed to contact customer service for a part that was recieved broken. I sent an email to them thinking it would take a week or longer to resolve, I went and reordered the same part so I would be assured to have it when needed. Before I had an answer from them, they were ready to ship the replacement in 48 hours. I recieved the replacement part before the part I ordered, and I did not have to do anything. I truly give everyone who works at Namoki congratulations for upholding the things that really matter to me - quality, delivery, customer care, and communication.
Namoki is a model online business - no doubt there are many that could learn from you. Great work to all !

Half.past.three (Coppell, US)
Great movement

Saves the trouble of swapping to a black day/date wheel.

Dustin (Davis, US)
Great movement

Classic 4 o'clock stem placement. Works and fits like a charm

Tim (Wellington, NZ)
Namoki Assurance

My third movement purchase of a Seiko NH36 from Namoki, I don't mind paying a bit extra, as I know that the movements are bonafide, and are already regulated.
Usual great service from Namoki.