NMK919 3 O'Clock MM300 SKX007/SRPD Watch Case: Polished Finish


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We've received a ton of requests for this one so here it is....the NMK919 MM300 3 O'Clock SKX Conversion Case!

Inspired by the immensely popular MarineMaster shape with the crown position shifted to 3 O'clock, the NMK919 3 O'Clock MM300 SKX007/SRPD Watch Case in Polished Finish has distinctive, angular lugs that makes it immediately recognizable. It is definitely one of our favourite case shapes!

It has been designed to fit all OEM and aftermarket SKX007 parts except the bracelet (it will fit our MM300 bracelets) and its standard SKX caseback design makes it real easy to assemble.....and mod, over and over!

Pair it with one of our MM300 bezel and it'll make for a great base MM300 homage project.

NMK919 3 O'Clock MM300 SKX007/SRPD Watch Case: Polished Finish

Case Specifications:
Diameter: 42.5mm
Lug to Lug: 48mm
Thickness: 11.1mm
Lug Width: 20mm

- 316L Surgical Grade Stainless Steel Construction
- Fits all original and aftermarket SKX007 mod parts (except bracelet)
- Drilled lugs
- Water Resistance as OEM

Each case comes in a set inclusive of:
- 2 x 20mm Fat Spring Bars
- 1 x Bezel Click Spring
- 1 x Crystal Gasket
- 1 x Caseback Gasket

*Drilled lugs are holes at the lugs drilled through the watch case itself that allows the release of the springbars by poking a sharp tool through them, allowing for easy changeout of straps.

Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews
Alfie (Finchley, GB)
Titanium MM300 - Great, but not perfect.

It's a wonderful looking case. Surface finish is as good as I'd ever want a watch to be, fitment of most parts is excellent. It's light, but once fitted with sapphire and a movement the difference over steel isn't that dramatic.

Cons: I'm finding that the titanium caseback, bought separately, doesn't thread as smoothly as I'd like it to. It almost feels like it's being damaged when it isn't. The crown also gets stuck to the case very easily. When screwed down to a normal tightness, I'm practically shredding skin to un-tighten it. The first few times I found it easier to just use a small pair of pliers to grip it. I expect these issues will improve with time as the threads wear into one another, but it's a nuisance out of the box.

Minor annoyances aside, the titanium MM300 case is excellent and I expect the 007 case to perform similarly. If you're building a watch from scratch, it's worth the premium over steel. If you're modifying a factory watch, probably stick with the case you have, the difference isn't night and day.

Thomas Quek (Singapore, SG)
Well built titanium case

Feel good & touch. I like it.

Alex Burford (Brisbane, AU)
Titanium case

Super light weight. Great finish surprised with the quality polish

Low (Singapore, SG)
NMK934 MM300 SKX007 Titanium Case Bundle

Have not started the mod yet. Definitely a great case to put on the wrist when it is fully assembled

Łukasz Jędrasik (Wroclaw, PL)
Great case

Great case